Mozart Opera Rock for New Year’s Eve 2011

A mix of Pop and Classic Music for Mozart l’Opera Rock

Mozart l’Opera Rock  – Palais des Sports, 1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 PARIS
Phone: +33 (0)1 48 28 40 10 – Website:

MOZART OPERA ROCK FOR NEW YEAR'S EVE IN PARISA show dedicated to the greatest musical genius of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.Directed by Olivier Dahan, entertainment, grand, traces the irresistible rise of this extraordinary composer, eternal youth, deep and sensitive artist, in search of an absolute music and recognition of the father.

More than 400 costumes, stage design and stunning period decor. The fifty artists on stage (and lyrical pop singers, actors, dancers, musicians) leads us into a whirlwind of emotions to the rhythm of a mix Pop and Classical Music. The artists will gather on the main stage of the Palais des Sports. Singers, actors, dancers, but also a couple of pop and classical musicians in period costumes and mingle will follow one another in public.

Two acts to the rhythms and unstoppable humor, takes us into the mood of the 18th century, between lavish costumes and magnificent scenery.
The show starts when the fate of Mozart rocking: Colloredo successor to Prince Archbishop of Salzburg .

Purchase your ticket for New Year’s Eve 2011 Mozart L’Opera Rock show online..


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