Fireworks Light and Water Show in Versailles

Les Féeries de la Reine at Marie-Antoinette’s Domain

The Queen’s Enchantments, Hameau de la Reine, Versailles
Information and booking:
or by telephone + 33 (0)1 30 83 78 89

Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 December 2010 at 6:30pm

marie antoinette versailles' christmas fireworks showIn the delightful hamlet Marie-Antoinette had built to bring her rustic dreams to life, the Queen gathered her favourites and staged refined, elegant fêtes where courtiers tried to seduce her with fireworks, trying to outdo each other’s wittiness and inventiveness.
Fireworks, water effects and characters made of light glitter on the pond between the Dairy and the Mill, and illuminate the Queen’s splendid houses for three exceptional nights!

Outdoor show without seats, night-time walk through Marie-Antoinette’s hamlet (one hour). View images and plan of Marie Antoinette’s estate in Versailles’ park…

Group F fireworks and special effects

Place of arrival: Queen’s Gate (1 Bd de le Reine) and Porte St-Antoine
Parking: near the Queen’s Hamlet and the Petit Trianon

Last vehicle admitted Queen’s Gate: 6:30pm
Last pedestrian admitted Queen’s Hamlet: 6:45pm

Adults (+18): €21
Children (2-18): €15
Free for children under 2.

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